Multi Active Skincare

Farmistry is the result of a passion for all things skincare. Indian skin is different. We may not burn easily but we hyper-pigment in a flash. We may not wrinkle prematurely instead have acne till we’re 50. Our environment and genetics play a role but with correct skincare you can control skin misbehavior.
At Farmistry we believe, you don’t need multiple product for every skin issue. A product with the right combination of actives in optimal % works best.

We believe in

TARGETTED PRODUCTS – Tackle the biggest skin issues one product at a time so that you know exactly what you are buying and what it will do.

SIMPLIFY BUYING - Calling out all the benefits actives provide and never try to sell you multiple products that do the same thing. Did you know you the ingredients that work for fading dark spots also work for brightening overall skin tone.

EDUCATE USERS - It is a complicated world of actives, formulations, concentrations and we will educate you cause knowledge is power.

EVOLVE BRAND - New research is always revealing better ways of formulating products and we shall keep learning and updating our products constantly.

PROGRESS > PERFECTION - Skin changes with age, diet, hormones, environment and so many other factors. The promise of better skin is what we believe is realistic and not the imaginary destination of perfect skin.

Fragance Free

No Artificial Colors
Or Dyes

Suits All Skin Types