What skin type is this serum bestfor?

This serum is meant for anyone looking to fade and brighten
hyperpigmentation, dark spots, post acne marks, tanning. Any skin type can use this serum. An under-ear patch test is always recommended.

Is it safe to use multiple active?

For certain skin issues, like hyperpigmentation, multiple actives are more effective than using higher dose of any one active. That’s why Spotlight Serum contains 7 actives that target different activities in the skin and
ensure brightening effect.

If I do not have spots, can this be used as just a brightening serum?

Absolutely. The actives work to brighten skin with or without pigmentation

How often should I use this serum?

Once daily is enough. Preferably at night post face cleansing, before
you apply your moisturizer. 

When will it show results?

Just like most skin care products, Spotlight too will take 6-8 weeks of
consistent use to show results. You may see results earlier but that will
depend on your age and skin physiology.

Can a 16 year old use this serum?

Any active based skincare is recommended for +18 year.